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The Hidden Clues in Your Nails

by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.

If your nails crack, peel or split, read on! If you’ve got marks, colors or interesting nail shapes, you’ll want to keep reading, too. Our fingernails also provide an indication as to what’s happening internally.

Spoon-shaped convex nails can sign a vitamin B12 deficiency or anemia. Unusually wide square nails are suggestive of a hormonal disorder. Deep red or purple color at nailbed can indicate heavy metal poisoning build-up. Blue nails reveal poor circulation and oxygen deprivation. Warts by nailbed identify a viral problem stored somewhere in body. Each side of finger base correlates to an organ. The following sketches provide even more clues to what’s happening internally.

Then there’s toe fungus. Thick, yellow, hard fungus on the lateral (outside) edge of the big toe nail bed indicates liver issues. Fungus along the medial (closer to other toes) indicates the spleen.

These are just a few of the markings that provide clues to what’s going on inside. For strong, healthy nails, make sure you’re consuming enough fats and protein. Essential fatty acids promote healthy, youthful nails, hair and skin. Several minerals are also imperative to healthy nails. Nature’s Sunshine MSM contains sulfur, a mineral that minimizes cracking and peeling and promotes strong, flexible nails. HSN-W is another Nature’s Sunshine blend that contains nutrients for your hair, skin and nails. One or the other is needed.

Toenail fungus can be corrected through liver and yeast cleansing. Nature’s Sunshine Yeast and Fungal Detox contains anti-fungal herbs like pau d’arco. You may also want to add black currant oil if it’s really bad. Add in an essential oil for more effective results. Tea tree oil, Melrose (a blend of melaleucas) or Fugatia are oils herbs etc recommends.