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Improve Your Oral Health With This Pantry Staple

by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.

Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for removing toxins from the body. When you have dental conditions or decay, oil pulling is a must. The simple technique pulls bacteria, pus, infection and plaque build-up for cleaner teeth, softer lips and less peeling and cracking. It helps whitens teeth and tightens loose and receding gums.

But the benefits extend beyond oral health. Oil pulling can also reduce ears, nose and throat complaints, including sinusitis, ear infections and sore throat. According to Dr. F. Karach, M.D., oil pulling also effectively aids in hormonal problems, cardiovascular disease and digestive ailments.

To oil pull, first select the right oil. If the room tends to always feel warm to you, coconut oil is cooling and will be great for you. If you tend to be cold, pack extra layers and crave warm beverages, a warming oil like sesame will be best. Other organic oils work, as well.

On an empty stomach, use one tablespoon of cold-pressed organic oil and swish it like a mouthwash for 10 minutes. It’s best to do this in the morning upon rising. Keep your oil in the bathroom, so you can swish while you shower—though this will affect your ability to sing. Once you’re done, spit the oil out. Do not swallow, as the oil will be filled with the bacteria and toxins pulled while swishing. You can oil pull at least once a day to reap the rewards.