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It Is Your Choice

Choices. Maybe, you’ve heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” Ultimately, we are what we choose. Every moment of every day, we are making a choice. We choose what time to get up in the morning, what clothes to wear, what to eat for breakfast, the route we drive to work, where we work, and on and on. Also, we are what we choose to think. If we choose to think that we are healthy, we will make choices that support and reflect that thought. However, if we choose to believe that we are unhealthy, or that we are powerless to make a change, or that outside circumstances are really at fault, then we will choose actions that support and reinforce those choices. There is usually a reason behind the way we make our choices. Sometimes, the reason is even unconscious or a learned behavior that someone else taught us and that we never questioned.

In this newsletter, we hope to inspire you to consciously examine the choices
that you make, and if they are choices that do not support the person you are or
want to be, we are confident that you will choose to change.

Fear Based Ignorance
Some choices are made out of ignorance and others out of fear. Perhaps, you
didn’t know better, or that’s the way someone else always did it; that is a choice
based on ignorance. Or, maybe someone said that if you didn’t make the choice
this way, something bad would happen: to you or your family. That is a choice
made out of fear.

Knowledge Based, Informed Decisions
When you are presented with a choice, it is easy to say “yes” or give the response that is “expected” of you. However, to make the best choice for you and all involved, wouldn’t it be better to research the information so that you have all the knowledge on the subject to make an informed decision? This way, fear and ignorance cannot sway you, because you know the facts: all the pros and cons, and now, you are equipped to choose what is truly best and what is most consistent with your own character.