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How Your Hair Can Help Your Health

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a non-invasive method of determining your levels of minerals and also the levels of toxic elements in your body. These levels help you and your naturopath to determine which areas of your body are out of balance, which areas are holding toxins or stress, where those stressors might be originating from, and what your
metabolic type is. As hair grows, it is exposed to the internal environment of the body,
including blood, lymph, and extracellular fluids. As hair continues to grow and reaches the surface of the skin, its outer layers harden, locking in the metabolic products accumulated during its period of growth. Essentially, the hair provides a record of the mineral status and nutritional metabolism that occurred during this time. Because minerals are involved in cellular metabolism, structural support, muscle activity, nerve conduction, immune system functioning, hormone activity, and more, this information provides a great view of your health and the long-term effects of your diet, stress, and exposure to toxins.

It is very easy to have a hair analysis done. First, contact your naturopath (new clients are welcome, too!) at herbs etc Then, come in, and your naturopath will cut small pieces of hair from several areas on the back portion of your head. The hair to be collected should be clean and should not be permed, dyed, or bleached. It is best if the hair sample comes from as close to the scalp as possible. About one tablespoon of hair is needed for the analysis. Then, the hair is sent to Trace Elements laboratory where it is analyzed. Once your naturopath receives the analysis report, you will schedule a consultation time to go over the results together. Also, you will be able to work with your naturopath on a health program to address any imbalances highlighted in the hair analysis results. The price of a hair analysis is $75.