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Take a Shot at Something Natural: Vaccine Choices

The idea that one has to get a vaccine or suffer terrible consequences, like contracting a horrible disease, putting others at risk, or even dying is one of the worst fear based, ignorant notions with which we are faced. This is an especially stressful choice for new parents who are pressured into vaccinating their minutes-old baby and who are mistakenly told that their child cannot start school without having had their vaccinations.
Dr. Tenpenny, whose DVD’s are available in the herbs etc store, has done research using CDC statistics to disprove these claims and many other claims regarding vaccines and is a valuable source of knowledge. She points out that vaccines do not guarantee immunization
against a certain disease; there are unsafe ingredients in vaccines, including mercury, formaldehyde, and human and animal fetal tissue; and the frequency of vaccinations has
not resulted in a proven decrease in any disease.

Once you have done your own research, an informed choice would be to strengthen your immune system using natural remedies. Instead of the Shingles vaccine, you would
consider VS-C, an anti-virus herbal blend, and NutriCalm, a B vitamin blend that calms the nerves and relieves stress. As a natural alternative to any other vaccine, like the flu shot,
consider Silver Shield, Vitamin C, and Thieves essential oil in addition to the VS-C. There are also homeopathic immunizations available. For more information, consult one of the naturopaths at herbs etc.