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Live Blood

Look at one drop of blood under a microscope and see your own universe!  The Live Blood Analysis shows us your internal environment:  your red blood cells, white blood cells, food, bacteria, metals, chemicals, parasites, and more.  What we are able to see in the blood and the condition of the cells tells us about your immune system, digestion, your level of hydration, energy, key vitamins and minerals, and other health points.  This is performed with a dark field microscope, meaning that the background is black, and everything is illuminated from behind which allows us to see tiny details that would probably be missed by looking at a white background.  What a great picture into the health of your body – how does your blood look?

“Looking at my blood was so motivating!  I really wanted to take care of all those little cells, I am the mayor of a great city!  If I didn’t make health changes, I might not get re-elected!”