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Meridians are pathways in the body that correspond to the organs and distribute energy for the purpose of interacting with the anatomical system, transmitting electromagnetic current for healing purposes, and interacting with the external environment.  Different points along the meridian pathways are commonly used in acupuncture and acupressure therapies.  Just like an electrical power line, when a meridian has a disruption in its flow, it affects your overall health and energy.  The Meridian Clearing therapy is designed to ensure that every meridian is “on line” and its energy is flowing smoothly to promote balance and optimal health.  Relax on a massage table while your naturopath works with points on your body and in your electromagnetic field to re-align your personal power grid.

“This technique reduced my allergies so much, I didn’t need shots anymore! Dr. Howard  helped me get rid of both my allergies and asthma. Now, I know that I  didn’t just get allergies, I caused them, therefore I can get rid of them!”