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Magnets for Pain

Each cell in the body is a magnet, having both a north pole and a south pole. The outer surface of the cell has a magnetic field surrounding it, which allows it to draw in substances that it needs, like calcium, magnesium, etc. Wherever there is pain in the body, there are cells whose magnetic field is out of balance. Therefore, using the right kind of magnet therapeutically can restore the magnetic field and allow that area of the body to return to a state of balance. To use a magnet for pain relief, apply the north pole side of a unipolar magnet onto the painful area for several minutes. Repeat several times throughout the day as needed. Generally, the north pole properties of a magnet are calming, soothing to nerve pain, inflammation reducing, acidity decreasing, and attracting to blood cells for increased healing.

Magnets are wonderful tools to have on hand for natural pain relief. You can find unipolar magnets for sale at herbs etc.