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Polarity Therapy to Restore Your Energy

It’s easy to miss some of the subtle, great therapies available at herbs etc with so many to choose from! Did you know that one of the easiest ways to regain your energy is to make sure your compass is pointing North? That’s exactly right, from all the exposure to cell phone towers, computer energy pollution, even from high tech vehicles, our own
bodies’ energy field can become congested and polluted! We have two recommendations: getting polarity therapy done by one of our experienced staff members or lying on our North Up magnetic bed. The session with the therapist is far more detailed and lasts 50 minutes. Your therapist determines if your side to side, top to bottom, or overall energy is not flowing smoothly and then, makes simple, gentle corrections to restore the proper flow.
Your other option is to lay down on the magnetic bed for 15 to 30 minutes for only $4 to $8
and allow the cells of the body to respond to the north charged poles of the bed. Clients report getting up already feeling better focus, less burdened, and mildly energized. After a night’s rest, you generally feel more rested, stronger immunity, and less emotional negativity!

Another great therapy you needed to know about! Call to make an appointment for a therapist or just stop in for a trip to the self serve therapy room, and we’ll help you get started.