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Proposed Massage Licensure

The State of Michigan passed a massage licensure bill a few years ago, and they are now getting closer to putting that into action. If you graduated from NITE in the Therapeutic Bodywork program when labs were included in the program, you will be all set to apply for the license when it officially becomes available. We will let you know by newsletter. If you graduated before labs were part of the program, you will need to show your transcript and that you have been actively in practice. Although you have a 600-hour diploma and the state is only requiring 500, the 500 needs to have all been supervised. You can either make up the difference with additional education or use a grandfather policy of showing that you have been active in professional practice, and that will count towards the additional hours required. We added the lab program when we first heard of a bill being proposed, and that was over 7 years ago! The website to obtain more official info is
michigan.gov. Search under Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. There was a proposed draft posted with the Secretary of State on 12-19-2011.