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Naturopathic View on Preventing Cancer

  1. Choose the emotions and attitudes that heal.
  2. Forgiveness dissolves lumps and growths.
  3. Love yourself; it gives your immune system a reason to protect you.
  4. Be grateful; it changes your cellular vitality in a way that prevents all illness.
  5. Choose the foods that you inherently know are good for you.
  6. Make certain that your primary source of drinking and bathing water is purified.
  7. Get rid of commercial personal care products and switch to organic right away.
  8. Develop a regular routine for stretching and moving your body.
  9. Do not avoid sunshine! Seek 20 minutes of morning or afternoon sunshine daily.
  10. Learn and develop a deep breathing routine for 10 minutes per day.
  11. Read new materials that please and uplift you even if they are by audio.
  12. Eat organic and/or local foods whenever possible.
  13. Reduce time in front of computers, TV’s, cell phones; use protective devices to reduce electromagnetic frequency exposure.
  14. Raise a garden, even if it’s small.
  15. Wear natural clothing and avoid rayon, polyester and spandex.
  16. Remove all mercury fillings & root canals.
  17. Do regular colon, liver and blood cleanses.
  18. Take a personalized, high quality, supplement and essential oil program.
  19. Develop your spiritual character.
  20. Laugh much and often.