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Essential Oils Explode in Popularity

Now, more than ever before, it seems that friends, family and co-workers are familiar with, if not pretty darn good at, the use and application of essential oils.  This is great news for everyone!  More people are empowered to help themselves by preventing illness and solving simple ailments.  If we had two simple wishes as natural health consultants, it would be that all the new folks would learn less is more and trust that there are many uses to each essential oil.

It seems with so many people now   using oils compared to the past, that the market is having a hard time keeping up.  The ever popular Young Living Oils is experiencing major growing pains and is having trouble meeting all the orders.  We actually anticipate the same problems for other companies that branched off this company.

Our advice:  use your oils sparingly, be patient as all suppliers are working hard to meet demand, and finally, be willing to use different oils that are not as trendy and may be just as effective or even more effective if well chosen.

Learn to use more oils by attending the seminar on February 28th taught by Dr. Baker.  This class features Uttati single oils and blends. The blends are divided into those for personal care, medicine, perfumery, beautification, meditation and seduction!

The owner of Uttati Oils taught the founder of Young Living the art of essential oils.  Dr. Baker attended multiple classes with this Egyptian Instructor, and now, for the first time ever, she is bringing the training directly to you.

Call herbs etc at (989) 773-3636 right away as the class is already filling up and is limited to 40 students. Are you ready to go deep into the art and passion of oils?