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Coconut Oils Dissolves Age Spots

Ray and Liz Yanok showed me their disappearing age spots from rubbing coconut oil into their skin.  I was so delighted, we decided to share the idea with all of you!  Over the past five years, we received one good story after another about coconut oil and its many benefits.

It delights us to hear all your creative uses for this very necessary item. We need to return to using saturated fats as our friend rather than an enemy.  We became so fearful of fat due to our rising   troubles with heart disease that we threw the baby out with the bath water.  Now, people of every age suffer from good fat deficiencies.  Years ago, a Sunday supper        included a fresh chicken or other good meats, and the gravy and fats/lard were then used in cooking throughout the week.  Pie crust was made from lard and given to hungry     children when they came home from school. This replenished their brains with the good fat that they used during the school day.  The more we have taken the good fats away, the more fat we have become.  But it doesn’t stop there. Our brains are drier and our nerves, too. Our skin is so dry, it cracks and bleeds, our bowels lack lubrication, and we have trouble with our hormones and joints which are made from good fats. Look for a class this fall on the Saturday Seminar schedule called the Big Fat Lie by Kathryn Doran-Fisher ND.

Maybe, we should reconsider where fear mongering has led us astray and get a good lube job by having good fats and oils in our diet and even on our skin!  It’s time to smother the butter and coconut our cracks!