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Herbs for Tumors and Growths

All Cell Detox – This is by far one of my favorite choices for getting rid of potential growth and tumor problems.  This formula    contains 17 herbs that are synergistically  combined to clean the body at the cellular level!  The key areas to be cleaned include the liver, kidneys, blood and lymph.

Our observations over the past several years have also led us to consider it for psoriasis,    female growths, endometriosis, headaches,    migraines, parasite problems and much more.

The great thing about All Cell Detox is that it is a gentle cleanser, allowing new and experienced herbalists and clients to benefit with its unique combination of herbs without being concerned about extreme healing or cleansing responses.  You do not have to be concerned about having a tumor or growth to use it.  It’s simply a great gentle and thorough cleanser.  It could also be used as a spring cleanse to help the liver after a long winter.  It’s great for teens with acne and husbands that need a cleanse but want a very simple approach.  You can take it for months at a time.  For example, 2 capsules 2 times a day for 3 to 6 months.

Super ORAC – This super antioxidant blend is something that I consume daily!  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  The ingredients in this blend are especially effective for keeping the brain young, capable and vibrant.  Resveratrol is one of its key ingredients and is backed by plenty of research on its ability to keep cells from being damaged by pollution,  internal toxins, aging, weakened DNA and much more.  With the increase in neurological disorders, including diseases like Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s and more, I am starting the prevention now!

We are all exposed to increased toxicity from electronic devices, cell phones, computers, I-pads/pods, GPS and other equipment.  Because of this formula’s ability to get through the blood/brain barrier, we consider it essential to brain concerns.  Even one per day is a great start on prevention and up to 4 per day if a significant concern already exists. Since taking it consistently, I have experienced, better clarity, being less tongue-tied, and improved memory and creativity!

E Tea – This blend has a unique history.  It is also called Essiac formula:  a “cancer” remedy given to a nurse named Cassie (Essiac is Cassie spelled backward) by a Native American culture.  This formulation was very successful at helping with growths, tumors and other degenerative conditions.  Four well chosen herbs were brewed and taken between meals 2x per day or more.  People still make use of this great formula, often collecting the bulk herbs and cooking it down themselves.  Nature’s Sunshine gets the highest quality herbs, pre-prepares them and puts them in a capsule form.  This greatly reduced the work of the client who may be in a weakened state or have a daily task list of juicing and other preparations that are very time consuming.  Therefore, having this well respected remedy ready in capsule form guarantees high quality and ease of work to consume it.  We like it for all abnormal cells but especially find it good for blood abnormalities, lymph concerns,  bladder, bladder, brain and bone issues.

SC Formula – This is a capsule of powdered shark cartilage!  That’s right, it has been discovered that Sharks Don’t Get Cancer, and there is even a book with that exact title explaining the research and success of this unique remedy.

When you first open this bottle of capsules, you are pretty sure there is a fish inside; it smells a bit pungent.  But what would you be willing to do to cut off the blood and oxygen supply to a growth or tumor?  That is just one of the ways in which shark cartilage works.  There are far more detailed explanations available in the book or articles on line.  It provides ingredients that allow our own chemistry to stop the growth of the abnormal cells.  We have had good success using the SC Formula on solid tumors,    especially those of the lungs and brain.    Understand that using more than one of the remedies listed on these two pages may be necessary to make a significant impact.  Seeing a good consultant will help you to determine which ones are beneficial to your specific concerns. It is not uncommon to make use of 3 or 4. Four other remedies to consider are Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Pau D Arco, Paw Paw Cell Regulator and Protease Plus.  Ask herbs etc staff for more details on these four.