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New Tuesday Teachings!

For 20 years, we have been teaching free classes with the theme of empowering yourself through the knowledge and wisdom of Natural Health. The classes have been upgraded, hands on experience is encouraged, and seating is for up to 60 people. Classes start at 6:30 pm and last approximately one hour.  There is no need to sign up, just show up. The health classes are focused on natural health topics, and there is no charge. The food classes are for eating and preparing healthy foods. There is a $5 suggested donation for the food classes to cover the expense of food samples and the instructor.  Donations are also welcome for the natural health classes as it helps the instructors with their time and fuel. No matter what, you need to be there!

Health Classes

Mar. 10 – Exercise Made Simple – Standing Up  and No Fancy Clothes

April 14 – Timing is Everything – Maximize All You Do Using the Moon Cycles

April 21 – The History and Truth of Medicine

May 5 – Your Voice Indicates the Function of Every Organ: Learn How

May 19 – Learn Massages that Boost Immunity

June 2 – Outward Signs of Inward Problems – What Your Tongue, Face and Hands Reveal

June 9 – Secret Treasures of herbs etc.: Learn our top unique products to build a useful remedy chest

June 30 – Learn how to make your own perfume and essential oil blends

July 14 – Summer Mushrooms – Identification, Location, Storage

Food Classes 

Feb. 24 – Spice it Up – How to Use Spices

Mar. 24 – Where’s the Beef – How to Prepare and Cook  Meat

April 28 – Bottomless Beans – Endless Ways to Use Beans

May 26 – Sexy Salad  – Beyond Iceberg Lettuce

June 23 – Berry Yourself in Dessert

July 28 – Local-Vore – How to make meals from the Farmers Market

Aug. 25 – Freezer Meals – How to Simplify Cooking Time

Sept. 22 – An Apple a Day – Apples All Winter

Oct.  27 – Out of Your Gourd – Creative Ways to Serve Squash

Nov. 24 – The Grand Finale – Healthy Holiday Dishes