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Putting Herbs to Work Topically

by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.

New to herbs etc are Walker Farms herbal products. What makes Walker Farms stand out against the rest are the farm’s extremely high quality practices, from picking the plants at optimal time to no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides to tincturing with healthy, fresh plants rather than dried. A variety of herbal tinctures and oils are offered, including comfrey oil and Solomon’s seal/teasel oil, two topical herbs featured below.

Comfrey oil is an excellent addition to anyone’s first-aid kit with healing properties so powerful, it’s known to heal wounds at an extremely rapid pace. So fast, in fact, that one should use caution in applying it to deep wounds or puncture wounds, as it can heal over the surface skin quickly enough that infection can be trapped inside. However, comfrey oil is amazing in its ability to heal surface wounds and rebuild bone tissue quickly due to allantoin, a substance that causes cell growth. Comfrey can also benefit in the reconstruction of torn muscles, ligaments and broken bones.

Solomon’s seal/teasel oil blend is another wonderful remedy. Teasel is known to act on connective tissue, joints, bones, tendons and muscles. Because of this, it works very well for some with symptoms of Lyme disease. It’s also a great remedy for torn muscles and damaged larger joints, like shoulders and hips, and a variety of other conditions.

The dried rhizomes of Solomon’s Seal look like bones, knuckles and vertebrae, while the leaves clasping the stem look like muscle attached to a bone and flowers appear at the joints. This is a good way to remember what this herb can be used for; it’s helpful for most anyone with muscular and skeletal problems. It’s been known to act powerfully on creaky knees, bone spurs and intestinal inflammation (hydrated rhizomes take on the appearance of intestines, too).

Together, these two herbs are extremely potent for inflammatory conditions. In fact, many have used it successfully to avoid knee surgery.