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Discover the Power of Uttati Essential Oils

Uttati offers only the purest forms of essential oils produced under time-proven conditions. They are not adulterated or diluted in any way. They con- tain no additives, extenders, or preservatives of any kind. These pure oils are the result of the collective wisdom, skill, and artistry of the Uttati family network in Egypt, which has been dedicated for generations to the production of the highest quality aromatic oils possible. herbs etc is the only store in Michigan to carry Uttati.

Featured on page 11 are our cosmetic and Egyptian aromatherapy blends, plus here’s what’s new in each of those collections.

New to herbs etc

For Joints: Afuremy For asthma and pain relief from inflammatory conditions like gout, arthritis and uric acid build-up. Athletes love it for muscle recovery. Those with seized fingers have been able to mobilize joints within two days of using this blend. Many have experienced pain relief in as little as two minutes.

For bacteria: Anti-bacterial Similar to Young Living’s Purification blend, this is an excellent oil blend to reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA

For Skin: Itchoff For hives, psoriasis, eczema and any other skin irritation, this blend works wonders and smells amazing. This blend was the only thing to give a client of Dr. Howard’s relief from psoriasis.

For migraines: Lasodam For chronic migraine prevention, this blend works by insulating and rejuvenating the neurons and cell receptor sites. Use daily. Not effective with acute headaches.

For pain relief: Te Mak This blend is fantastic for headaches, back pain, muscle soreness, skin pain and more.

For thyroid: Thybal This blend rejuvenates thyroid cells and can be used for hypo-, hyper- and autoimmune thyroid conditions.

Cosmetic Blends

Naturally Hair This unique blend contains 14 oils which permeate the scalp and support the body systems that are integral in the vitality and growth of hair. Neroli stimulates cellular regeneration in the deep layers of the dermis. Basil, rose, and cedarwood enhance the effects of neroli. Parsley, clary sage, and a chamomile blend support the related body systems. Add this custom blend sparingly to shampoo as a preventive or therapy. Add several drops to a conditioner, and leave on scalp for a few minutes for a more intense therapeutic effect.

Wrinkles Away This blend is for stimulating cellular regeneration, rejuvenation, and restoring skin vitality. Add sparingly to body lotions and facial crèmes. Chamomile is the most potent therapeutic oil in this 8-oil blend. The synergy of chamomile combines with lavender, geranium, rose, and lemon to intensify and accelerate the effects of this wonderful formula.

Egyptian Aromatherapy Blends

AB This Egyptian amulet represents the heart, the seat of life’s power. Musk is the key ingredient in this 9-oil blend. Musk is recognized by many healing traditions for its ability to support the heart and its functions.

AHAT This 9-oil blend supports circulation and helps maintain body temperature in cold weather. It can be diffused. Peppermint, in combination with patchouli, basil, eucalyptus, cypress, and lemon work synergistically to form the core of this comforting blend.

ANKH This is a sacred Egyptian amulet which symbolizes the power of life. As a symbol, Ankh is included in the hieroglyphics for health and happiness. This powerful blend enhances various vital functions, including clearing and strengthening the respiratory system and promoting positive thinking.

HORUS This blend energizes and strengthens the vital force for long-term therapeutic effects. It also helps clear and energize the mind.

IMHOTEP Imhotep was the ancient Egyptian god of medicine and an appropriate name for this master blend. It stimulates and reinforces detoxification and immune functions.

MENAT This therapeutic blend of 14 potent oils stimulates and assists the functions of the lymphatic system and helps restore balance. Bergamot, cypress, geranium, and nutmeg support the chemical balancing effects of lemon. Use on the finger tips and toes.

TJET This knot of Isis represents the feminine energies and the power of giving life. This therapeutic blend of 14 oils supports the proper functioning of the female organs and glands. Jasmine and narcissus create the most potent effects which are further enhanced by the addition of bergamot, cypress, geranium, and nutmeg.

UDJAT This amulet represents the eyes of Horus, offering protection, strength, and health. This blend of 13 oils stimulates for energy and vitality—a real eye-opener! Mint, bergamot, and lemon contribute to the therapeutic effects.

URS The oils in this blend are potent for mental focus, alertness, and concentration. Use sparingly, especially when diffused. Start with a 15-minute diffusion and evaluate response. It can be used to enhance office productivity