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The Vaccination Risk

by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.

Vaccines: They are a hot topic across the nation these days. And it’s no wonder why: when one argument states one thing with conviction, but another argument is completely the opposite, what are you supposed to believe?

Nearly eight years ago, Heather Dexter, N.D., remembers her childbirth educator telling her that vaccines are a choice. “You’re telling me vaccines are dangerous, yet, everyone is getting them?” Dexter questioned. Her teacher replied: “Don’t take my word for it, Heather. Do your own research.” So, that’s just what she did during those last three months of her first pregnancy, and she hasn’t stopped since. Here’s what Dexter has learned about vaccines.

First things first: What is a vaccine? It’s a conglomeration of synthetic material. It can include live or dead microorganisms that are said to stimulate antibody production that is assumed to stimulate immunity. These strains are mixed with and preserved in a variety of substances, like aluminum, thymerisol, polysorbates, MSG, aborted fetus tissue, foreign RNA and DNA, yeast, peanuts, egg albumin and more.

So what’s the problem?

First, let’s talk about the antibodies. With each and every vaccine, our immune system is stimulated to produce an over abundance of antibodies. Since many of the ailments we’re vaccinated for are essentially non-existent in the USA, those antibodies have nothing to attack. So, the immune system begins to attack itself. This is known as an autoimmune condition. Childhood lupus, juvenile diabetes and childhood arthritis are a few examples of autoimmune disorders resulting from extreme antibody production and inflammation of the system, and they’re more prevalent now than ever before.

Next, let’s talk about the manufacturing of a bacteria or virus in a laboratory for the creation of a vaccine. “Yes, that’s right,” says Dexter. “Each and every vaccine is made with a genetically modified bacteria or virus. These are not wild strains found in nature, folks.” They’re grown in media such as egg, yeast and peanut – the top allergens in the United States. Peanut-free daycares, schools and hospitals exist because of the severity of these allergies. Children with these extreme allergies can react very quickly simply by being in the same room as a Snickers bar. The rise in allergies is tremendous, and the rise of vaccinations given between birth and 18 months since the 90s is also tremendous.

In 1983, the vaccine schedule suggested three vaccines from birth to age 6: DTP, MMR and polio. These were given over the course of six injections and four orals. Thirty years later, the injections are nearly five times more at 49 doses of the suggested 14 vaccinations.

Dexter says things like chronic eczema, rashes and ear infections aren’t just an overgrowth of candida albicans anymore. “Often, it’s a mutated yeast thanks to the hepatitis B vaccination given at birth. This virus is grown on a yeast media, and it consumes the sweet new babe’s body at day one.”

Third, the EPA shows that some of these preservatives cause damage to the body simply through exposure. They’re linked to things like cancer, nervous system irritation and infertility. With vaccines, it’s not simply exposure; it’s injection.

Additionally, many vaccines combine many toxic ingredients. “This creates tremendous confusion in the body, and it responds in order to try to protect itself. The body looks for a way to get these toxins to the closest channel of elimination – the bowels, urinary and respiratory system, sweat or lymph. Depending on where these chemicals get dumped determines the sort of reaction in the body,” says Dexter. “The body produces symptoms like headaches, dizziness, fainting, ADHD, seizures, irritable bowels and more.”

It’s the combination of mercury and aluminum together that can cause extreme nervous system damage—or autistic-like symptoms—in a child who was previously healthy. In the 80s, autism was defined as a genetic condition one was born with. Nowadays, the definition has evolved to include a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders.

Every vaccine is unique in its side effects ranging from headache to death. You’ll see these and many others listed on vaccine package inserts.

What to do when you choose NOT to vaccinate?

If you choose not to vaccinate, Dexter has a few suggestions. First, build and maintain a healthy immune system through our first form of medicine: food. Some of her favorites to consume daily to keep up natural immunity include: bone broth; liver; bone marrow; fermented cod liver oil, as its high in vitamins A & D; high quantities of animal fat like pastured lard and tallow; butter, raw milk and homemade yogurt or milk products. If you’re an A blood type, be sure to consume high quantities of coconut fats. Fermented foods and single strain probiotics also help maintain a healthy immune system.

Second, certain natural remedies act as a preventative by strengthening your immune system. Elderberry, olive leaf and black walnut tincture are great herbal preventatives, as well as remedies to assist your immune system in fighting off an invasion. Essential oils like mountain savory, oregano or thyme have powerful properties to eliminate pathogens.

Third, if you suspect vaccine damage, there’s hope. Dexter and many other naturopathic professionals have worked successfully with clients to reverse the damage of vaccinations through a number of natural health modalities.


You’re more likely to be exposed to MRSA or a staph infection than the things we Americans are being vaccinated for, like polio, measles, mumps and rubella. These conditions are all but eradicated, which leads to the question: were vaccinations responsible for eradication?

If you look into history to see what else was being done, you’ll notice a decline in aforementioned conditions before the particular vaccines were even introduced. Several things contribute to this, but the key answer? Indoor plumbing! People were no longer pooping in buckets and dumping them onto public streets where urban dwellers walked through a cesspool of harmful bacteria and viruses on their way to and from work daily. Take a look for yourself, and see what else you find.

If vaccines are so dangerous, why have millions taken them with no side effects? Mostly, it comes down to how we communicate with our bodies. Are we paying attention? We tend to brush off the little things and don’t attribute them to a cause. Headache. Aches and pains. Calling in sick to work the day after an injection. Many of us are unaware that those little things are likely related to a vaccine. Your personal vaccine schedule isn’t something most think about in relation to their health, either. “Long-term,” Dexter says, “most people can’t connect their Crohn’s disease, which started at age 13, to the Gardasil vaccination they received at age 13. It takes a bit of detective work to put two and two together.”

Michigan law

Our laws allow parents freedom of choice for philosophical, religious and medical reasons. As of January 1, 2015, parents of kindergartners and seventh graders must appear at a county health department to state their reason for vaccine refusal. A county worker must sign off, and the ease of this process varies depending on your county. “Kent County is seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of vaccine exemptions at this time,” Dexter said.

Stand up for your rights

Whether you choose all, half, two or none of them, it’s your right as a parent to choose what’s best for your child. Allowing pharma-funded government to call the shots on how you parent is begging for trouble. Dexter notes, “If you’re comfortable with the current vaccine schedule, what happens when dozens more are added? Will you still feel comfortable then? Because, then, you may no longer have the right to choose a delayed or varied schedule.”

Regardless of where you stand, freedom is fundamental in America. Write a letter to your legislator. Tell them you’re for freedom of choice. Every single letter can make a difference!

“Just because grandma did it and mom did it doesn’t mean it’s safe now. Things aren’t necessarily the same as they used to be.” Like Dexter was told in 2008 by her childbirth educator, “Don’t take my word for it. Do the research yourself.”

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