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The Emotional Heart

Certain emotions correspond to the ability of the heart to function properly and for circulation to flow. For emotional trauma or stress that has impacted the heart, it affects one’s ability to love and be loved and over time, can place that stress on the physical heart, creating an actual physical disorder.

Sacred Heart flower essence spray is a heart strengthening blend that is best indicated:

  • To help a relationship evolve to its highest capacity by learning to both give and receive with vibrant heart forces
  • To heal and re-build after divorce and other failed relationships, allowing the heart to find renewed expression and new social possibilities
  • As a general heart elixir to improve close social relationships with family and friends so 
  • that the heart operates from a place of honesty, integrity, and genuine caring
  • To regenerate heart health, when prone to physical illness, heart-related stress, or a family history of heart disease 

To use this remedy, spray four times daily, directly in the mouth or around the body.