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The Homeopathic Cell Salt for the Heart

The homeopathic cell salt Mag Phos, also known as magnesium phosphate, is a diluted and easily assimilated mineral combination that has an affinity for both the muscles and the heart. This is because these are the specific minerals required to form these structures in utero. Therefore, this particular cell salt is used as a remedy for nearly all heart problems. This mineral combination ensures the rhythmic movement of the heart and tones the heart muscles, easing constricting chest pains and relieving nervous palpitations. It is also a great nerve stabilizer and reliever of muscle spasms in general.

For the cell salt, use Mag Phos 6x (the cell salt potency). For relief from spasms, dissolve 2-3 pellets in warm water and take in sips throughout the day. As a heart strengthener, dissolve 1-2 pellets under the tongue four times daily.