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NCC’s Natural Health Jr! Program

This exciting new program will be offered one Saturday a month, beginning in January.  Introduce your children to natural concepts and techniques that will lead to life-long healthy habits and empower children in a way that will pay off for years to come.

This program is divided into four levels, ten classes per level. Once 10 classes are completed (any 10!), the student is eligible to take an exam and graduate to the next level! Every level will be customized to provide the student with new and interesting topics, hands-on clinics and an abundance of practical, useful information that can be applied in everyday life. Classes include: nutrition, healthy eating and food preparation, organic
gardening, essential oils, muscle response testing, homeopathy, first-aid, color and sound therapy, herbology and flower remedies.

Mark your calendars for the first four courses of Level One:

Herbology 101 • January 23 Learn the basics of
herbs and their applications. Students will find out what Chinese Element they are and how to balance their personal element with herbs. The hands-on activity will be to prepare a take home healing herbal salve.

Intro to Essential OIls • February 20 Students
will learn how to make their own body sprays and
perfumes! Also, they will learn oil applictions for
better focus at school, on tests, and staying happy
and healthy.

Learning the Body Systems • March 12 In this class, students will gain an understanding of how the body works as a whole, and how to keep it balanced and running smoothly.
Reflexology Practicum • April 16 This hands-on class will teach the art of foot and hand massage by applying pressure externally on the hands and feet to alleviate internal issues as well as simple foot and hand pain relief.

Class seating is limited. Register today!
Cost per class is $89, or $745 for all Level One classes if paid in advance.
Bonus: 100% tuition paid to the NCC Natural Health Jr! program can be applied towards the Naturopathic Institute’s four-year Natural Health diploma program if desired in the future.

Classes will be held at the Naturopathic Institute, 503 East Broadway Street, Downtown Mount Pleasant, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., in a safe and supervised environment.

Students will need to bring their own lunch and water bottle and dress appropriately for class. Each student is expected to be courteous, well-behaved, and ready to learn, or they will not be eligible to return.

Orientation: January 7, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Contact kamber at (989) 773-1714 or
email contact@naturopathiccommunitycenter.info